In order to provide a ready-to-scale and an elastic environment, and to account for multiple concurrent requests, the entire Hydra-AI stack is deployed and hosted using AWS services like AWS Lambda and Gateway, via a Github CI/CD

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Hydra AI overview


Hydra AI provides state of the art solutions to solve a multitude of tasks for image analysis, and more.


At the current stage, Hydra is able to provide:

  • Face detection and facial keypoints analysis: custom machine learning and deep learning models were developed in order to identify gender, age, overall sentiment, closed/not closed eyes and mouth, smiling/not smiling, wearing/not wearing a mask.
  • Multi-label image classification and object detection: leveraging state of the art Deep Learning models from Tensorflow and Pytorch to provide fast and accurate predictions for thousands of objects.
  • Custom object detection: upon request, it's possible to customize someone's experience and provide custom Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions.