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I'm a Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer, with a background in Telecommunication engineering.


Being a curious guy, I do my best every week to learn something new and to keep myself up to speed with the latest news and technologies.


On a more personal note, I like talking to people, writing blog articles, exercising, and being with family and friends.

If I'm interested in something, you might find me writing about it on Medium.


Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer

  • City: Rome, Italy

I currently have 3 years of experience working as a Machine Learning Engineer.

I have a track record of building and deploying machine learning systems, focusing on both computer vision and natural language processing. My toolkit is rich with industry-standard technologies, including Python, GCP, AWS, Docker, PyTorch, and TensorFlow, which I use to write clean, maintainable code that's ready for production environments.

Throughout my career, I have taken machine learning projects from the drawing board to full-scale operation. My role often spans the entire project lifecycle—defining goals, implementing strategies, and leading the transition from development to production.



Telecommunications Engineering


La Sapienza - Rome, Italy

Relevant coursework:
Multi-variables calculus, Geometry and Linear algebra, Physics, Computer Science, Electromagnetic fields. Graphs theory, Mathematical methods for information engineering. Signals and data transmission, Internet and Networking, GPS and radar localization.

Thesis: "Edge Learning in 6G Networks: The Impact of Split Learning on Edge Computing"

MOOCs & Certifications

Cloud Certifications


  • Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect

  • 2023

  • Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Machine Learning Engineer

  • Coursera &


    Relevant coursework:

  • Deep Learning Specialization Neural Networks, hyperparameters tuning and optimization, CNNs, Sequence models.
  • MLOps: Data pipelines, modelling workflows and data drifts, deployment and monitoring in production environments.
  • Tensorflow, advanced techniques: custom models, multi-task models, advanced computer vision, generative deep learning.
  • Skills


    • Python, SQL, C++, MATLAB

    ML stack

    • Pytorch, Tensorflow/Keras, Scikit-learn, OpenCV, Transformers, SciPy, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Streamlit, NLTK, SpaCy

    Software engineering stack

    • Docker, AWS, Google Cloud, FastAPI, Flask, Git

    Professional Experience

    Machine Learning Engineer

    2022 - present

    NTT DATA Italia S.p.A, Rome, Italy

    • Cloud-based storage optimization: Designed and developed a cloud pipeline that empowers Computer Vision and audio analysis techniques to distill full-day sports event footage, achieving a 40-70% reduction in video storage needs, thereby delivering substantial cost efficiencies and enhancing data manageability.
    • Enhanced Crowd Monitoring: Developed a crowd analysis project by implementing Computer Vision algorithms to analyze camera streams, enabling precise estimation of individuals’ age and gender, while also assessing overall crowd density. This resulted in enhanced surveillance capabilities and enriched data for crowd management strategies.

    Machine Learning Engineer

    2021 - 2022

    IPS Intelligence S.p.A, Aprilia, Italy

    • Innovated Security Solutions: Designed and developed a facial recognition and analysis system, discerning ethnicity, age, and gender with high accuracy, which significantly strengthened the client’s surveillance infrastructure.
    • Maritime Intelligence Enhancement: Developed and refined a SAR image processing pipeline, utilizing advanced Machine Learning algorithms for vessel tracking and anomaly identification, significantly boosting maritime security by enhancing operational situational awareness and threat detection.

    Computer Vision Developer


    C.Ser.Mac AI laboratory, Latina, Italy

    • Quality Control Automation: Created and implemented a Deep Learning-based vision system to detect, track, and assess the quality of small fruits, achieving a notable improvement in product quality assessment efficiency and accuracy
    • Security System Development: Built an Artificial Vision system capable of identifying and tracking people, animals, and vehicles, and executing OCR on license plates, thereby enhancing security and monitoring capabilities for the client.


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